BBQ Catering in Toronto

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Let’s Drool With the Best BBQ Catering in Toronto

Barbeques are a great answer to all sorts of dinner dilemmas. That’s right! Barbeques are a perfect way to spice up any party or gathering. Coupled with some handpicked drinks, barbeques are a great companion for a fine evening spent amidst friends and family. Bella Vita has some of the best barbeque menus lined up just for you. With exclusive BBQ catering in Toronto and a Bella Vita chef, you’re guaranteed to get the best ever barbeque food ever!

Experience the Difference with Bella Vita

Get rid of the same old BBQs with burgers, sausages on a stale bun with Bella Vita’s delicious recipes. With great taste and healthy ingredients wave just brought back the fun and flavour that were missed out in the age-old recipes. Simply tell us your food needs and we will do it within your budget. Preparing great barbeques for social and corporate events has been our passion since inception.

BBQ recipes at Bella Vita are globally inspired. Hence, you can expect some of the world’s great flavours. However, we also offer all the tried and true BBQ originals along with our own recipes. What’s more! You can also get your menu customised to fit your budget and specific event. Explore the menu here.

Bella Vita- a Trusted name in BBQ Catering

Bella Vita offers full-service BBQ catering in Toronto for corporate events, family gatherings and weddings. Our goal is to create delicious recipes that will savour your palate in a way you have never experienced before. So waste time no more! Let your competitors do the hamburger cookout, while you steal the show with sumptuous BBQ from Bella Vita Catering. From amazing BBQ sandwiches to lip-smacking vegetarian recipes, there’s lot more to keep you drooling.