About Us

Bella Vita Hallal brings over 30 years of experience right from the kitchen. Having specialization in cooking Italian, Arabic, French and Mediterrean recipes, we have had a successful history that speaks of our general goodwill and excellent reputation in delivering the finest to all our clients. We offer a huge selection of fish, chicken, meat and veal. We also offer wood grilled barbeques for special dinners and parties. All meat served are 100% halal. We take orders for weddings, private parties and any other occasions serving a guest size that ranges between 10-500.

We offer catering services to match any palate or budget–Formal dinner, private parties, barbeques, weddings; we seek to deliver a flawless service that bespeaks our commitment towards professionalism and quality. We take pride in delivering a unique experience with a touch of personalisation towards building customised menus that matches your requirement.

Our staff and support crew are friendly, professional and courteous and ready to help you with everything. They see to it that you don’t have to worry about a single detail. Once we step in, all you need to do is to sit back, relax and watch the show. The food and the drinks will be made available at the said time and ahead of the guest arrival.

We cater to:

Weddings and Birthday parties

Birthdays and weddings forms the highest number of bookings that we receive all the year around. Bella Vita Hallal tend to offer the best of their services to make your wedding a memorable affair. Of course food is the most important part of the occasion and your choice of food and menu reflects your taste and preference.

Corporate party

We are one of the finest corporate catering services provider in Toronto. Unlimited buffet options, uniquely cooked recipes and efficient service crew sums up Bella Vita Hallal’s commitment towards professionalism and quality. We are famous for our Italian cuisine and BBQ’s which are in much demand in a corporate gathering.

Halal catering services

If you like Halal foods, you have come to the right place. Bella Vita Catering is one the finest hallal catering services in Toronto. Halal is a great option for any team parties, family gatherings as well as weddings and birthday parties.

School catering services

Bella Vita Hallal supplies schools with food that is laced with nutritious elements. We supply for both private and public institutions and our recipes have been designed keeping in mind the essence of nutrition and hygiene. If you are a parent or a teacher or a school staff who want the best for your children’s diet, Bella Vita Hallal is the right place book a cook.

Special events

Are you planning a special event at your home? Are you looking for a private chef? Worried about the quality of food? Stop worrying! You are looking in the right place. Bella Vita Hallal is one of the finest private chef service providers in Toronto that serves great food and drinks for all kinds of special events. With a huge array of customised menu to choose from, we are better placed than any other catering service. Coupled with an experienced support staff, we promise to deliver the finest of recipes at affordable rates.

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